Saturday, September 25, 2010

That's Music To My Ears

Music really is something special, isn't it? Its something cosmic that we can't explain. Pythagoras and all of those guys way back in the day somehow figured out octaves and fifths and and the scales, and learned how to make music, and to me thats amazing.

You can obviously study music and get writing it down to a formula and a fool proof system, but, to me, the best music is made by just pulling it out of the air. Finding a pretty melody, writing some nice chords around it,  forming it into a great song that people will enjoy. Thats my main passion in life, it really makes me happy. Writing music and playing it for my friends, who usually say it's great. I believe them so hopefully they're not lying.

I never go into writing a song with a certain genre in mind that I want the song to be, which I think is a big mistake a lot of bands and song writers make. Bands will start, and they'll come together and say "what kind of music do we wanna play?", and the others say " well I like jazz music", and another will say "I like blues", then the drummer will go " I want to play experimental metal!". So they say the band is experimental jazz blues metal fusion, but they quickly realize they cant write a song and they break up after one practice because they don't have it in their soul. You have to play whats in your heart and what comes out comes out, you can't force it.

I know I went on a bit of a rant there but you see where I'm coming from. Ok, I want to leave you guys some music that I'm really into at the moment, and if you've never heard of this band you can give em' a listen and maybe you'll like what they have to offer.
                   Signing Off

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