Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sometimes I get really amazed by people and their musical tastes. Everybody likes different things, and some people like very different things. It's fascinating to me how much music is really out there. I like to think my taste in music is pretty good, but others probably think I listen to weird music. Those who think that absolutely have no idea whats out there. I'm not really that in to rap music, though I do like a lot of it I would rather hear and see people actually playing and writing the actual music. I think lyrics are important but theres something about the music itself and the way it makes you feel that is much more important to me. I have nothing against people who like rap that I find disgusting, but to me that usually means that they have a very closed mind. Individuals like that think whatever is really big at the moment or whatever the vast majority is in to is what they have to like to be cool or be accepted. Deep down hopefully they know that it's really not very good.
Anyway, on a lighter note, lets here some music. Today I want to try to display the range of my musical taste at it's widest points. When i was a little kid I was extremely into Michael Jackson for years. I actually bought loafers and pulled my pants up high to show my socks and would do the moonwalk in front of my family. I used to have Moonwalker  and HIStory on VHS, and this is one of my favorite parts from Moonwalker. On the other side of my musical taste you will find Rage Against the Machine, who I was also terribly in to and actually went to their reunion show at Coachella in 2007. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs. I hope you enjoy, and keep on listening to music!

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