Saturday, October 16, 2010

Learn Something New Every Day

Sometimes, when you stumble upon something you've never really understood before you don't even care. Other times, though, you get really excited and you use whatever you've learned to advance in the ranks of joy and happiness in your life. That's exactly what I've done now. I was messing about on the guitar just coming up with melodies, when i played a variation of a chord that I never knew how to actually use in a song. What it is, basically, is playing an arpeggiated chord (you probably have no idea what that is) but lower on the guitar. There's a Strokes song that I learned some time ago that used these chords called Whatever Happened, but I couldn't figure out how to use them in one of my songs. Well that day has come. I've written a couple tunes already using thee chords. There's so much more to do with them, I feel like I've opened up an entirely new world on the six strings instrument, that was right in front of my minds eyes this whole time. This is, in essence, the start of chapter 3 in my musical career. Now my songs are going to be much more diverse and better. This just proves that if you keep working at something, it eventually pays you back in the end.

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