Saturday, October 30, 2010

Finishing things is good for the soul...

Almost finishing things is almost as good for the soul. I've recorded and mixed a song somewhat and I must say, it sounds pretty great. I played it for my friends and they were really into it. The only thing missing from the song that I didn't record was a vocal track. I think I have a melody hat I want to use but I have no lyrics, well no good ones anyway. I'm really self-concious about my lyrics for some reason. I always feel like they're not good enough. Maybe they are or maybe they're not but I can never tell.
 I really do consider myself lucky to even have an interest in a musical instrument, let alone be able to play more than one well enough to record and play with bands. If I didn't have music my life would be much more of an unhappy one to live. Thank god for music, eh?

Alright, it's time for some actual music, not fake, manufactured b.s. made for the sole sake of making a lot of money. Also some music that is actually just the basics (guitars, bass, drums, and vocals) but at the same time FANTASTIC! Here is some Oasis for you

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