Friday, November 12, 2010

Perform For Us!

Performance and the actual writing of the music go hand in hand, and for me performance is sometime more important. When you go see a band you want to see something that's going to get you going, and blow your mind right out of your ears. There's really nothing worse than being into a band's music and being really excited to see them, and they're show be really disappointing. Perhaps they just came out on stage, played the songs and left or put no real emotion into it. It makes you feel cheated. Sometimes you don't feel anything, just, blank emptiness. Music should never do this to you. The best bands, for me, are ones that come on and get the crowd going. Maybe not with the cliches necessarily, but people feed off the energy you give so if you give the performance everything you have, then the crowd gives you their all, and you play catch with some vibes.
I used to be in all the acting and performing arts classes when I was in elementary school. I was heavily into it mind you. This was before I or any of my friends could actually play music so this was like playing a concert for us. I really got the sense of what it was like to act and sing in front of large audiences, and I long for that feeling again.
One man who is a brilliant performer/songwriter, and is a real hero of mine is Pete Doherty. I know he gets a lot of flack but when you look deeper, watch his interviews and behind the scenes footage, and become a real fan you really do appreciate what he's done for music. Here he is with Babyshambles. ENJOY

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  1. I cannot agree with you more. In a performance, the energy the performer puts into it is so crucial. I have been to concerts where the energy is dead and the music was interesting, but the lack of enthusiasm just killed the show. Also, I have been to concerts with performers who make the show so enjoyable and even if I don't love the music, the show was so entertaining that I was willing to see them again. It is always a plus, when you listen to a recording of a performer and they sound even better live. It is really easy to fix all the errors of a performer when he/she is in a studio, but live, the real performer shines through. I am always impressed with a good show and have been thinking about taking a few acting classes to enhance my owns performances.